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An attempt of making a comedy suspense thriller short film.
Hope you guys like it!
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Thank you so much for watching!

**First things first**

The background score/music used in the film are royalty free and belong to the respective owners and i have no ownership over them and all the credit goes to them!
This project would have been impossible without the team.

Cast and Crew Members:
Jina - Jinagar
Aslam Shaikh - Harshal Rane
Rahul - Atish Wajage
Kidnapper - Shiva Sharma
Punter 1 - Akshay Kaaba
Punter 2 - Eshank Sharma

Idli Models
Sujata Dalvi
Vaishnavi Soni

Train Tobacco Character
Akshay Patel

Rehearsal Cast
Director Character - Sameer Sangurdekar
Friend - Navin Pandey
Actress - Manushree Sambodhi
Renu Jain
Maitreya Bapat
Ajay Tambe
Chetan Pawar
Amit Dhindsa
Shubham Patil

Studio Courtesy
TTMM Studio Vashi

Directed By
Eshank Sharma | Jinagar

Akshay Patel

Edited & Written By

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*Comment Down Below What Did you Learn By watching this film?
Well For me " Do not judge anyone by his/her appearance!"
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